Welcome to the official website of Corwen Town Council.

WE are in the process of updating our Website and mending broken links. While this is ongoing we apologise that the Welsh Language version is unavailable.

Corwen Town Council is dedicated to a bilingual policy, but technical constraints mean that the Welsh Language section is “down” while updates are being processed.

We now have a full complement of 13 Councillors and the contact details of each one are to be found on the Councillor page


This website was last updated on 7th June 2019…

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Please let your views known via e-mail the Clerk on Clerk@CorwenTownCouncil.co.uk

 Funding form

To apply for funding from Corwen Town Council under Statutory Provision s137 please use CTC grant application form  All funding requests should be with the Clerk at least five working days before a Council meeting at which the application will be discussed.