Rules & Regulations

Corwen Town Council welcomes enquiries from the Press and Media and recognises its relationship with the Press helps communication with residents. The Council seeks to be as transparent as possible, cooperating at all times with the Press and using the opportunities of the Media to publicise events being organised. The Press are permitted to attend all meetings of the Council and its committees, unless excluded under the Public Bodies Admission to Meetings Act 1960. They are not, however, invited to attend informal Council meetings which are fact finding sessions only and are not scheduled official Council meetings.

Members of the Press, please read the policy below in more detail


This page contains important documents that detail how the Town Council and their meetings are managed.

These include the Standing Orders, Code of Conduct and Financial Regulations, Plus Insurance Documents.

CTC Standing-Orders-April-2016

Financial Regulations – November 2016

CTC financial-management-and-reserves-policy 2019

Approved Finance and Human Resources Committee Terms of Reference June 2019

Approved Cemetery Committee Terms of Reference – May 2019

Approved Community Resources and Management Committee Terms of ReferenceĀ  2019

Approved Christmas Lights Committee Terms of Reference – September 2017

CTC Freedom-of-Information-and Data Protection Policy-2019-05-20

CTC Scheme-of-Delegation-2019

CTC Public-Participation-Guidance 2019

CTC Complaints-Policy-2019

CTC Expenses-Policy 2019 2020

CTC Anti-harassment and Bullying Policy June 2019

CTC Equal-Opportunities-Policy

CTC Policy Statement for Prevention of FraudĀ 

CTC Training and Development Policy

CTC Dispensations Guidance for Councillors



Corwen Town Council Risk Assessment 2020.asd

External Audit Form 2019 a

External Audit Form 2019 b

External Audit Form 2019 c

External Audit Form 2019 d

Corwen Town Council – Pen Schedule 2020