Call to Meeting

Dear All

I propose the following dates up to our AGM to reflect the workload of the clerk coming back to work.

I will share to everyone once I have your agreement.



January Finance 5 Full 12 WMP 19
February WMP 2 Full 9
March Finance 2 Full 9 WMP 23
April WMP 6 Full 13 CRM/Cem 20 Finance 27
May WMP 4 AGM 11

With Ian’s input it reflects the cycle of meetings we feel needs to be scheduled.


The Town Council encourages public participation at its meetings. We also welcome speakers who wish to use Welsh as a medium through which to communicate. To ensure that everyone gets an opportunity to talk, we have introduced guidance on how you can best have your say and make the most of your time when you speak. As the public section of the agenda must be restricted to allow other business the public participation section is restricted to ten minutes. Should there be several members of the public all wishing to speak, each speaker will be required to keep their “speeches” to a three minute maximum. This is to ensure everyone gets a fair share of the available time, or if there is only one speaker you will be able to speak for up to ten minutes. Please read the guidance below to aid the smooth running of meetings.

CTC bilingual public-participation-guidance 2019

CTC Diary 2021 2022

Call-to-a-meeting-10 November-2021-English

Press and Media and recognises its relationship with the Press helps communication with residents. The Council seeks to be as transparent as possible, cooperating at all times with the Press and using the opportunities of the Media to publicise events being organised. The Press are permitted to attend all meetings of the Council and its committees, unless excluded under the Public Bodies Admission to Meetings Act 1960. They are not, however, invited to attend informal Council meetings which are fact finding sessions only and are not scheduled official Council meetings.

CTC press-policy-2019