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The Town Council encourages public participation at its meetings. We also welcome speakers who wish to use Welsh as a medium through which to communicate. To ensure that everyone gets an opportunity to talk, we have introduced guidance on how you can best have your say and make the most of your time when you speak. As the public section of the agenda must be restricted to allow other business the public participation section is restricted to ten minutes. Should there be several members of the public all wishing to speak, each speaker will be required to keep their “speeches” to a three minute maximum. This is to ensure everyone gets a fair share of the available time, or if there is only one speaker you will be able to speak for up to ten minutes. Please read the guidance below to aid the smooth running of meetings.

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Corwen Town Council Diary 2019 2020


Ni fydd cyfarfodydd ffurfiol o’r Cabinet, Cyngor na Phwyllgorau Sir Ddinbych tan ddiwedd mis Ebrill. Gall y cyfnod hwn gael ei ymestyn yn unol â chanllawiau’r llywodraeth ac iechyd y cyhoedd.
Yn y cyfamser, bydd ein gwaith fel Cynghorwyr Tref yn parhau trwy’r cyfnod anarferol hwn a byddwn yn parhau i roi o’n gorau i gynrychioli trigolion Corwen a’ch cynorthwyo yn ôl y galw.
Apeliwn yn garedig ar i bawb i gadw eu hunain yn ddiogel ac i ddilyn y canllawiau er mwyn lleihau’r risg o drosglwyddo Covid-19 o berson i berson.
Formal Denbighshire Cabinet, Council and Committee meetings have been suspended until the end of April. This period may be extended according to government and public health guidelines.
Meanwhile, our work as Town Councillors will continue throughout this exceptional period and we will continue to do our utmost to represent Corwen residents and assist you as required.
All Councillors, will work from home and remotely until such time we can meet again.
We kindly appeal to everyone to keep themselves safe and to follow the guidelines in order to lessen the risk of Covid-19 being transmitted from person to person.

A meeting of the CORWEN TOWN COUNCIL members only at THE CORWEN SPORTS PAVILION  on WEDNESDAY 27th May at 7.00pm……………….
See business to be discussed

Call to a meeting Bilingual PUBLIC NOTICE COVID19 (Councilor Edwin Jones)

AGENDA Full Council Emergency meeting 27th MAY 2020.asd

Corwen Town Council welcomes enquiries from the Press and Media and recognises its relationship with the Press helps communication with residents. The Council seeks to be as transparent as possible, cooperating at all times with the Press and using the opportunities of the Media to publicise events being organised. The Press are permitted to attend all meetings of the Council and its committees, unless excluded under the Public Bodies Admission to Meetings Act 1960. They are not, however, invited to attend informal Council meetings which are fact finding sessions only and are not scheduled official Council meetings.

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